Wednesday, December 06, 2006

The world is not enuffield
No doubt the Scott Trust will be delighted to know that I have spent valuable time taking part in the Nuffield College pantomime which this year was a James Bond spoof....and I am told was one of the best. I only had one line so I can't claim any credit.
There is a particular tradition at Nuffield in which the audience shout 'Horse' at random intervals in order to try to persuade the horse to come on stage - (I have a feeling in several centuries time there will be some dusty old tract in the Bodleian by some linguistic theorist "Horse! An analysis of social customs and dialect in early 21st century graduate colleges)
The worst thing of course is finally meeting the person I was spoofing in the bar afterwards. You see that's the great thing about being a journalist; you write something up/record something and then run away and don't see someone again. You don't meet them while clutching a sweaty bottle of San Miguel, while Abba is playing in the background and have to start nervously saying "It was meant to be an affectionate portrayal....Honest..."
However most congratulations should go to the Warden of College Steve Nickell, former member of the Monetary Policy Committee (and in fact in an earlier incarnation Mandelson's maths teacher) - who gave a stunning performance as Dr Evil. He wins my vote as the kind of academic we should see more of.

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