Thursday, May 28, 2009

Back to basics

As Dr KP has pointed out this blog has been moribund for over three months. I plead guilty to 
a) having a baby
b) getting obsessed with Twitter
c) having to finish a 20,000 word report for the Reuters Institute

The combination of the three has not left a huge amount of time for blogging (and I am wondering whether it is superseded by Twitter anyway)
Anyway this week I submitted From their own correspondent? to RISJ - it now goes through an internal review before going to the editorial committee so not likely to be seen for some months. Also waiting on the Annenberg book to which I contributed a paper to be published
Meanwhile I am trying to put together my next proposal. But decided to give myself a day off first as its sunny and a small child wants to go to the park for an icecream (well technically speaking I think that is what small child wants....)