Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Alan Johnston released

Was so glad to wake up this morning and hear that Alan Johnston had finally been released after more than 100 days in captivity.
The interview with James Naughtie at 8.10 was fascinating - to hear about how Johnston had been treated, that he had heard World Service and realised all the demonstrations that had been staged in his support and the petition and the messages of support the BBC had broadcast.
Hugely impressive in the way he was so composed and able to articulate what he had been through; you would think he'd just been on a long story rather than kidnapped for four months.....although in a very non-journo way I just wanted him to be able to get home and see his family and not have to be a journalist for a bit. There was a clip on the 0800 bulletin in which his father, voice cracking with relief, had said they had only managed to snatch a couple of words with him before the phone line was cut.
Hope that Alan manages to get home and is given all the support he needs to recover from his ordeal.

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