Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Were you still up for Ohio?

Went to bed but with the radio on and woke up to hear Obama's acceptance speech. Have to say it made me cry a bit. 
Best moments on TV - Dimbleby completely losing control of Schama and Bolton. Schama trying to make the BBC call it; Bolton getting into slanging match with Katty Kay and then demanding Rajesh Mirchandani be sacked...(it was a pretty rubbish interview and too combative that Mirchandani did but Bolton was really frothing at the mouth...)

Forgot to mention - Burger King and Subway were the food outlets of choice at the Embassy last night. Spotted - George Robertson and George Osborne's PR (in different rooms I hasten to add)

Ps Courtesy of the Guardian - I missed Maureen Dowd on the BBC but love these two quotes. First on John McCain's fundamental problem...

"In a way it reminds me of Prince Charles and Princess Diana. The Republican Family did not let John McCain marry the girl that he wanted to which was Joe Lieberman so he married the younger, fashion-interested girl that they chose for him. It fell apart and the two camps began sniping at each other and now McCain just wants to get back to Lieberman."

And second, when asked by Paxo how historic the night was:

"The first 16 presidents of this country could have owned Barack Obama"

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