Sunday, February 17, 2008

Reporter Within Borders

Lent (only buying what you need instead of what you want) is really biting now; I found a piece in the Mail on Sunday about a woman who did this for a year profoundly depressing. And yesterday I took my godchild to buy a birthday present, to Borders to buy her whatever book she wanted.
The problem was this meant I had to go into a bookshop and not buy anything for myself; equivalent to the shopaholic going past Primark blindfolded. D danced round in front of me pushing dustjackets in my face, rather as I imagine a pusher dangles wraps of cocaine in front of an addict. Pig.
I read ALL the children's books to them in the Starbucks cafe. This really is getting desperate if you read Dr Dog*, Little Miss Magic and More Pants just to get round the need/want Lent problem.

*Do not read Dr Dog unless you have a strong stomach. Or are obsessed with intestinal worms.

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Sara Thomas said...

Dr Dog sounds like it would go very nicely with 'Walter the Farting Dog' which we were very kindly given one Christmas. Curiously it is also available in Latin.

A personal favourite though is Click Clack Moo - Cows That Type. I highly recommend it.