Monday, December 10, 2007

Self harm

One in 15 young people now injure themselves on a regular basis. But as Petra Boynton raises the question - is this the latest manifstation of distress that young people particular girls have always shown - are we seeing the modern equivalent of Victorian 'hysteria'? This may be so but experts are genuinely worried about the scale that is now revealing itself. Here's a piece I wrote for the Telegraph about it.


John Kelly said...

Is 'bleeding-heart liberal' a good expression to use when talking about self-harming?

I don't think I believe in self-harming. Then again, I don't believe in lactose-intolerance either.

Glenda Cooper said...

Hmmm. Yes. Interesting point......(on the use of words)

Do you not believe in self harm as in on the rise? I think Boynton has it when she says there are cycles of behaviour and this is a new one....

Having said that I am always intrigued by the life of medieval saints and how religious fervour was used to explain what was frankly quite terrifying behaviour at times. (Michele Roberts Impossible Saints is a great novelisation of this)

Curt said...

A very well written piece.

It is unfortunate when youg people are so misguided (particularly by themselves) that they would resort to such behavior...regardless of the root causes.